Professors Ian Snook and Bill van Megen were pioneers in the developement of post-graduate studies at RMIT. They co-supervised the earliest masters students and Ian later supervised one of the earliest PhD graduates at RMIT, Dr Tony Hughes.

This list was compiled by Ian shortly before his death. If there are inaccuracies or extra details on employment to be added please contact Marie Snook at


Masters of Applied Science Graduates Supervised by Professor Snook

  1. Kevin Gaylor, "Brownian Dynamics of Colloidal Solutions", 1980.Kevin is Research Leader in Undersea Platform Systems, Maritime Platforms Division, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Melbourne, Victoria.
  2. Anthony Hughes, "Photon Correlation Study of Polymer Solutions", 1981.Tony is Theme Leader, Clean Technology, CSIRO Future Manufacturing Flagship, Clayton, Victoria.
  3. John O'Hara, "A parametric investigation of a high gradient magnetic separator", 1985. John is currently a scientist with Probe Analytical, formerly the analytical division of ORICA (ICA Australia), Melbourne, Victoria.
  4. Peter Daivis, " Photon Correlation Studies of Polymers of Biological Interest", 1983. Peter is associate professor in the department of Applied Physics, RMIT, Melbourne, Victoria.
  5. Han Chun Lay“Molecular Simulation Study of Organic Polymer Hybrid Materials – Polymer Interaction with Silica particles”, 2003.


PhD Graduates Supervised by Professor Snook

  1. Dr Anthony Hughes, "X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Segregation Phenomena in Yttria-Zirconia Solid Electrolytes", 1990. Tony is now Theme Leader, CleanTechnology, CSIRO Future Manufacturing Flagship, Clayton, Victoria.
  2. Dr Steven Pickering, "The Application of Computer Simulation Techniques to the Interfaces of Materials and Related Phenomena", 1995. Stephen has worked on genomic simulations in the Biochemistry Department at Leeds University, Leeds, UK and is now at Leeds University, Computer Facilities.
  3.  The late Phillip McMahon, "Small Angle X-ray Scattering from Porous Fractal Solids", 1995. Phillip was a Research Scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation Melbourne, Victoria.
  4. Dr Aaron McDonough, "The Design and Implementation of Molecular Dynamics Applications for High Performance Computers", 2000. Aaron's current position is HPC Solutions Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
  5. Dr Stephen Williams, "The Effect of Polydispersity on the Hard Sphere Glass Transition", 2001. Stephen was a research fellow in the Research School of Chemistry, ANU, Canberra, Australia.
  6. Dr Brendan O'Malley, " Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Crystallization in the Hard Sphere System", 2001. He is currently Manager, Manager, Environmental Assessment Unit, Environment Protection Agency of Victoria, Melbourne.
  7. Dr Robert Rees, “The Behaviour of Simple Fluids Confined within Model Nanoporous Solids”, 2005. Robert is a research scientist with the VNTL, CSIRO, Clayton, Victoria.
  8. Dr Ryan Springall, Monte Carlo Studies in Weakly Interacting Quantum Systems”, 2009. Ryan is employed by the Defence Signals Organization, Canberra.
  9. Dr Joanne Etheridge, "Nandomain Structure of Ba2HoCu3 O7-d ", PhD, 1993. Joanne is head of the Electron Microscopy Unit at Monsah University, Victoria.
  10. Dr Scott Moss, " Electron Irradiation of Electrical Contacts to the High Tc Superconductor YBa2Cu3O7", 1998.  Scott is a Research Scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation Melbourne, Victoria.
  11. Dr Gregory Grochola, “On λ – integration Paths for Calculating ‘Exact’ Interfacial Tensions Involving Solids”, 2001. Greg is now an ARC funded Postdoctoral Fellow, with the Condensed Matter Theory Group, Applied Physics, RMIT and also runs his own company.
  12. Dr Mathieu McPhie, “Thermal and Transport Properties of Shearing Binary Fluids”. 2003. Mathieu did a postdoctoral Julich, Germany and is now at Metz University, Lorraine, France.
  13. Dr Amanda Barnard, "Ab Initio Modelling of Nanocrystalline Diamond in 0 and Dimensions", 2003. Amanda held post doctoral positions at Argonne Laboratories, USA and at Oxford University, UK. She is currently the Head of the Virtual Nanoscience Laboratory at CSIRO, Parkville, Victoria.
  14. Dr Tim Petersen, " Effect of Microstructure of Carbonaceous Materials on Carbon Dissolution in Molten Iron: Experimental and Theoretical Modelling Investigation", 2004. Tim did a postdoctoral at the University of NSW and is now at Monash University Electron Microscopy Unit.
  15. Dr Peter Bath, “Computational Modelling of the Structure of Crystalline Nano-Carbon Clusters”, 2005.
  16. Dr Akin Budi, On the effects of external stresses on protein conformation”.  2005.     Akin is an ARC funded postdoctoral fellow in the School of Physics, Melbourne University.
  17. Dr Khayyam Coelho, “Phase Transitions from Unstable States of Two-Dimensional Model Fluids”. 2005. Khayyam is employed by the Clyde Corporation.
  18. Dr Tanya Kairn, ”Microscopic Simulation of Colloidal Flow in Thin Channels”. 2005. Tanya is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland.
  19. Dr George Opletal"Structural Simulations Using the Hybrid Reverse Monte Carlo Method”. 2005. George is now a research assistant with the Condensed Matter Theory Group, Applied Physics, RMIT and the CSIRO, VNSL.
  20. Dr Yu Hang (David) Chui, “Molecular Dynamics study of structure  and stability in Au nanoparticles”, 2007.
  21. Dr Pavithra Prathiraja, Molecular Simulation of Confined Flows of Water and Salt Solutions”. Thesis accepted with minor corrections, October 2011.
  22. Nicholas Miller, “. Current PhD student at the time of Ian's death.
  23. Ben Dalton, “  “ , Current PhD student at the time of Ian's death.


Master of Applied Science Graduates for who Professor Snook was a Consultant

  1. Franca Placid, "Ion Implantation into Sapphire", 1995. Franca is now working for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation Melbourne, Victoria.
  2. Nicoleta Urma,"Electron Emission from Solid Surfaces at Low Excitation Energy", 1998. Nicoleta is a secondary school science teacher in Victoria, Australia.
  3. George Katselis, Master of Engineering, 1998.
  4. Anthony Grieves," X-ray Scatter Modelling using Lead Discs in Digital Fluoroscopy", Master of Applied Science in Medical Radiations Science, 1998.


PhD Graduates for who Professor Snook was a Consultant

  1. Dr Kevin Hunter, "Secondary Electron Emission from Solid Surface", PhD, 1991. Kevin is employed by Electron Tube Products (ETP) Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia.
  2. Dr Bill Skinner," Adhesion Enhancement in Metal-Ceramic Systems by Ion and Electron Beam Irradiation", PhD,1991. Bill is now Research Professor in the Ian Wark Research Institute, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus, South Australia.
  3. Dr Melissa Paterson," Direct Ion Beam Deposition of Diamon-Like Carbon", PhD, 1995. Melissa is currently fully occupied with bringing up her very young family.
  4. Dr Andrew Hung," Fundamentals of Minerals from First Principles Methods", PhD,200??. Andrew is a lecturer in the RMIT, Applied Physics and Applied Biology.
  5. Dr Nicole Benedek, “ Quantum Mechanical Studies of Some Dimers", PhD, 2006. Nicole is now an assistant professor at The University of Houston, Texan.